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Recently, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress Shireen Mirza announced that she was dating an IT man from Delhi, Hasan Sartaj. The actress got a lovely surprise on Valentine’s Day from him. Flying down to Jaipur, Hasan Sartaj got down on his knees to propose to her. He also met with the family of Shireen and spent some time with them.Shireen revealed in an interview with ETimes that she herself was preparing a surprise for Hasan, but instead got one.

She said, “Valentine’s Day has never been so special to me, but because of Hasan, it became the most memorable one this time. In fact, I wanted to make him feel very special and booked this whole property.”With decorators, photographers and event managers, I had been preparing this for more than two weeks, and decided to do something brilliant together on our first Valentine’s.

The day before, he arrived and checked into a hotel. I brought him to the guest house on Valentine’s Day, where we were granted a royal welcome. We were showered with rose petals, and the room was covered with red roses and red heart-shaped coloured balloons, guaranteeing such a great feeling! “He was totally in awe and surprised when we entered,” she said.

Shireen also shared the whole story of how Hasan went down on his knees to propose to her. “She shares, “I saw him get down on one knee when Hasan asked me to turn around and said, “What are you doing!?” And then tears welled up in my eyes. Hasan asked me, “Are you going to marry me?” And I replied, “Yes.” It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made.It was a lot like what we watch in Bollywood movies! “

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The Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress reveals that this year they will get married on their own. She said, “Marriage is definitely on our minds and we have spoken about it with our parents too. Most probably, we will get hitched this year itself. I can only say that fairytales are for real! I’ve prayed for a guy like him and life definitely has more in store for us, Inshallah!”

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