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Two or four hackers are better than a single hacker.

If in London you’re getting a bit lonely, don’t worry. In just a few weeks, Watch Dogs Legion’s online mode is being launched so you can romp together about the dystopian tech future. The new mode comes with a few new co-op missions to deal with your friends and also with the Spiderbot Arena mode. In a preview video for the upcoming free update, Ubisoft showed off a bit of each one.

Separately from the main game, Legion’s online mode exists, so you’ll start over with a new DedSec faction and hire new operators, Ubisoft says. However, they have accelerated the recruitment process for the online mode, allowing you to snag fresh operators by using “influencer points” that you earn from doing tasks and daily challenges and whatever. In-game voice chat is also included in the online mode, which sounds like you’ll need to stay coordinated with the new missions Ubi has cooked up.

The co-op missions and even more challenging Tactical Ops look to be the big focus for Legion online. “Many co-op mission types only require two players, and are built to encourage players to work together and complement each other’s skills and Operator choices,” Ubisoft says. “There are activities that can be completed solo as well, so you can work on your cell while waiting for other folks to join.”

The more challenging, five-part missions are Tactical Ops, where one player death implies that the entire team will have to restart from the start. Ubi explains in their summary above that they will require quite a bit of communication, sometimes asking your hacker group to split up and pull off simultaneous goals. A big boss encounter meant to challenge even well-coordinated teams is the final stage of a Tactical Op.

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Although apparently Tactical Ops at least include checkpoints, it all sounds quite punishing, so you don’t have to complete all five parts in a single evening. They say the first Tactical Op that Ubisoft is dealing with is called Leader Of The Pack.

For now, the Spiderbot Arena, the pvp deathmatch mode between your scuttling little robots, is last on the multiplayer roster.

On March 9th, Watch Dogs Legion’s online mode launches as a free update. The rest of the details and Ubi’s commentary can be found on their site.

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