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Apart from Facundo Campazzo, the Denver Nuggets did not win much in the last four away games.

The Denver Nuggets have completed a four-game road trip. In that stretch, they were held to 1-3. Facundo Campazzo, however, got his first start and gained more playing time.

Pursuing his NBA dream, Campazzo, 29, left Real Madrid. On November 30, he signed a multi-year contract. With five consecutive double-digit performances since mid-February, he followed a rocky start to his debut NBA campaign and produced an NBA-high 16 points in the loss against Sunday’s Atlanta Hawks.

In his last five appearances, the Argentine point guard averaged 14 points per match, 13.8 points per contest in the four-game road trip. He got 30 minutes per match from head coach Mike Malone in the last four games, a massive improvement compared to his 12.3 minutes per game before the four straight road games.

It is constantly becoming clear that he is expected by the Nuggets to prioritize shooting over creating. He continues to adapt to his new environment and different basketball styles, but he also inserts himself into the preferred system effectively. After making it to the Western Conference finals in the Orlando bubble, an extremely valuable addition for the Denver organization seeking the next step.

The Nuggets currently rank seventh in the West at 16-14. At the bottom end of the 2020-21 season, they are most likely to move upward if Campazzo is fully integrated into the rotation around Jamal Murray, Monte Morris, and Gary Harris.

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