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Queensland police said officers visited a townhouse in Browns Plains hours before two people were killed by a blaze there.

It comes as the police identified Doreen Langham and her ex-partner Gary Hely as the pair killed in a suspicious fire south of Brisbane.

While sifting through the debris of the blaze that ripped through the property on Moyla Street on Monday morning, officers found the bodies.

In order to confirm the identities of the deceased, Logan District Chief Superintendent Brian Swan said an autopsy was required.

“At this stage we’re not able to identify those remains, but we do believe that they’re the remains of Doreen Langham and Gary Hely,” he said.

He said the police got a call the night before the blaze from Ms. Langham.

“Inquiries indicate that on the night before the fire, there was a phone call made to police,” Chief Superintendent Swan said.

“Police did attend the unit a couple of hours at least before the fire.”

Chief Superintendent Swan said the police assumed the blaze was purposely lit.

“As a result of our investigations and inquiries, the matter will be overviewed by the state coroner and it will be investigated as a death in relation to a police operation,” he said.

The Crime and Corruption Commission will be supervising the investigation.

“All the information around the police interactions with the couple, their investigations, will form part of that inquiry,” Chief Superintendent Swan said.

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