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Recently, Big Boss 14 contestant Abhinav Shukla was disqualified. He was named the season’s most boring contestant, but by the end, he was playing well. It was too late for that, though. Since the beginning, we have seen the rivalry between Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya and it is very obvious that both of them did not like each other.

Therefore, Rahul Vaidya also did not like Abhinav Shukla and they also had some heated arguments. In nearly all the nomination processes, Abhinav Shukla has nominated Rahul Vaidya. In an interview with ETimes, he has now opened up about Rahul Vaidya. In the game, Abhinav called Rahul an insecure guy. “He said, “Rahul Vaidya in the game is an insecure guy.

I don’t know him in the outside world, but he considers himself like that in the show. He always asked how he performed in the game whenever someone visited the house from the outside world. I feel he’s not fearlessly playing the game. In the game, he’s very needy.He has said so many times that he would not have survived if Aly Goni had not been around.

Aly is a strong man, he was strong physically in each assignment and they were all in one unit. So, more than Rubina and me, mentally, they were a good team and he had an edge like us. His support for Aly was so solid.Abhinav also spoke about the behaviour of Jasmin Bhasin towards him and Rubina Dilaik. He said, “I don’t know why Jasmin Bhasin was so afraid of Rubina and me.

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I can only say that I don’t know Jasmin Bhasin from now on. I don’t have any idea why she’s behaving like this, but I can only say “main Usko jaanta he nahi hoon.” I’m not in the house, but I’m still being discussed.” Abhinav Shukla also claimed that he was hurt the most by Rakhi Sawant. “He said, “It was very unfortunate the whole incident that happened when I cried after Rakhi Sawant pulled the strings of my shorts. If I was hurt, it was only because of that incident during the whole show. If I cried that day and someone considered it fake, then I would say that person was taking joy in my pain.I didn’t cry when I got evicted back then, so it’s cool if anyone feels like that.

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