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Famous singer Rahul Vaidya, who emerged as Bigg Boss 14’s first runner-up, revealed that he’s not upset with not taking home the trophy. “When asked if he felt bad about coming so close and not winning the show, Rahul told E Times, “Actually, I’m really happy, I’m surprised why I don’t feel bad? Why am I not sad that I haven’t won?I am so glad that the intention I came to the show with was right.

In order to gain new followers, more love and I wanted to show people who Rahul Vaidya is, I did the show. Through this show, I met my soulmate Disha Parmar and I proposed to her at the Bigg Boss house and she said yes. She was seated for the finale with my family.I have a great career, amazing fans, a great kid, everything else I want in life.

I’m glad the intention I came in with came true, I know I couldn’t win the trophy and I felt bad for my fans, for my mother and Disha Parmar who got a little sad, but I’m used to it because sometimes you win in reality shows, but there are times when you lose as well. Asked when he realized that he was in love with Disha Parmar, Rahul Vaidya answered, “When I was inside the house, I realized each and every emotion and relationship.

I would remember the person who would cook food for me in my house for every bond, relationship and friend inside the BB 14 house. I realized that in my life there is this beautiful person, girl Disha, why not marry her.”So that’s why I mentioned it to her on national TV. She once told me that if someone ever mentioned to me that I would like it to be grand, par itna special ho jaayega woh usse bhi nahi pata tha…

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“If my mother has that the wedding will happen in June then definitely it has to has to be in June. My mom has left for home but Disha is still waiting outside for me and once we are together we will have the discussion about marriage. You all will be definitely come for the wedding and you will get to know.”If my mother has the wedding in June, then it definitely has to be in June. My mom has left for home, but Disha is still waiting for me outside and we will have the marriage discussion once we are together. You will definitely come for the wedding and you will get to know it.

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