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We already know that we will be getting to know the Redmi K40 selection via an online event on February 25th. It will be a dual case, according to the manufacturer. So, we’re getting to know the Redmi K40 and the Redmi K40 Pro as well. If we already know most of the information on the one hand, then we really don’t know anything on the other hand. However, Redmi has announced that it will fully alter the sound capability of these two devices that support Dolby Atmos, to help end any more doubts. So, be it integrated speakers or headsets, with the Redmi K40 series, we can experience sound that comes from all directions.

Redmi K40: yet another fantastic new sound confirmed!

Redmi actually kept it well and pulled on the benefits of Dolby Atmos. So, whether it’s a baby crying or a helicopter raising, sound effects can be separated by content creators. This provides a three-dimensional sound sense.

Some photographs that show some characteristics have arrived on the Internet. The photos posted by the general director of the brand on the Chinese social network Weibo, concentrate in particular on the screens of the latest smartphones.

But about these devices, there are more specifics already known. The Redmi K40 will have a flat screen right away, but not just any screen. Redmi reveals that it is one of the industry’s best. So this is an AMOLED E4 screen that, compared to the previous version, has high brightness, low energy consumption and better image quality.

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Lu Weibing revealed in a post that this E4 AMOLED screen would have all models in the Redmi K40 series, but also a 120Hz refresh rate. This implies that you will have access to the latest technology, whether you have bought the regular model or the Pro.

The highlight is the diameter of the hole in the screen in another image. It is compared to a grain of rice, beans, and sesame seed for this reason. It appears to be 2 mm in size and is roughly the size of a sesame seed.

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