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For seamless communication or distance learning, Richfield courses have been planned. We know that digital tools are needed in the digital age to equip students with the means to succeed. That’s why, through our seamless and open online learning platform, we keep our students up to date on their education, combined with a support system that, if necessary, takes students as close to campus as possible.

Richfield has been making tertiary education more available for 30 years. Our search has put us in a strong position to confront the coronavirus pandemic and to change our learning practices accordingly. Upon admission, all Richfield degree and first-year diploma students receive a pre-configured laptop, complete with all the software they need for a fruitful learning experience. To make quality online learning even more available, through our Learner Management System, Moodle, we offer our students zero data costs when accessing learning materials online. This agreement ensures that all students at Richfield have affordable access to our online learning services that are engaging.

Students can access lecture recordings, lecture slides, studies, revision articles, tutorials, and student assistance with our zero-rated access, without spending a cent on results. This cost-effective approach makes it possible for thousands of South Africans to pursue quality education, and makes learning possible for everyone, anywhere. In addition to this, all students at our 30 campuses nationwide have free data available to Richfield. With the advent of online registrations, this accessibility has been expanded to our registration process. Now, the expense and hassle of travelling and registering from home can be minimized.

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Each Richfield class has a dedicated WhatsApp community to keep students up-to-date in a timely manner on significant happenings and details. This also enables students to interact in an inexpensive and easily accessible way with each other and share resources. Richfield was able to offer education to South Africans at an affordable rate, successfully. We are proud to say that our technology-forward approach is important to the world-class education our students receive. No more than a button away, the added support of the hotline and dedicated WhatsApp groups helps. We assume that these aspects of education in Richfield make Richfield nurturing, i.e.

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