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Each WWE fan has a list of Superstars they think deserve pushes, but at a given time there are only so many guys you can push. Well, WWE Superstars, themselves, often survey the locker room and see guys they think should be pushed on the basis of the work they’re putting in behind the scenes or previous possibilities they’ve made the most of.

Sami Zayn shared his view on which more opportunities should be given to WWE Superstar when he was asked which Superstar should be pushed on SK Wrestling to the moon.

“Not even talking about pushing to the moon, but just pushing and using, I’d actually say Bo Dallas,” revealed Zayn. “People talk about underrated wrestlers a lot and my name will come up. Cesaro’s name will come up, Dolph Ziggler, all of these people’s names will come up a lot. Bo Dallas, in my opinion, is maybe the most talented person that doesn’t get… I mean, he’s not even being used.”

Zayn is spot on not using Dallas, as he hasn’t wrestled a match since October 2019, even though he’s still under contract. He’s not even taken to TV tapings, allegedly, so he’s not even backstage and his wrestling future is uncertain.

But in NXT, where he won the NXT Championship and wrestled Zayn several times, Dallas experienced a lot of success. It was that experience that Zayn believes that on the main roster, Dallas deserves more of a chance.

And I know it’s hard as there’s only so much television time and you’ve got so many storylines lined up, but I was with him in NXT at the time he was NXT Champion. I know exactly what he’s capable of. I think he’s one of the most talented people we have that’s not getting even an inch,” said Zayn.

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“So, if I had my way, I would definitely showcase him a little bit more.”

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