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In a new Instagram post on Monday, Playboy model Sara Underwood merged sultry throwback images with a delicate caption.

The blond bombshell noticed that before the coronavirus pandemic began, these shots were taken in Bali. This is a disclaimer that she thought was also needed in other recent blogs.

Sara was wearing a minuscule bikini in the videos. In Bali, she posed near a waterfall and described it as a lovely destination. In her caption, Sara opened up about how everyday life usually isn’t almost as picturesque.

Sara explained in her caption that the past few weeks had been “extremely emotionally difficult.” She did not provide details, but she agreed she would provide more information eventually.

The model added that she really didn’t have the energy to fill viewers with everything that had happened. In hopes of helping her out, fans immediately stepped forward with positive remarks.

“But this is a good reminder, that even though someone’s feed may look perfectly picturesque, that’s not what real life looks or feels like, ever,” Sara wrote.

Certainly, the throwback images offered a happy vibe. Some time ago, Sara’s fans may have caught a glimpse of this bikini. This collection, however, provided some fresh, titillating views.

The original shot in the post showed Sara facing the waterfall sitting cross-legged. She rested her hands on her knees and revealed her curvy backside with confidence.

In the middle, Sara’s blond tresses were split and pulled back into two messy ponytails. A headband held her bangs in place and her face was softly framed by a few loose wisps.

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The second photo showed Sara pushing her bikini bottoms through the thin side-tie cords. As she did this, she looked down and stood slightly angled towards the side.

Sara showed plenty of cleavage in her small bikini top. To add a bit of texture and bling, the tan-colored swimsuit pieces had pearls incorporated all over the tiny panels. The crocheted bits covered, but not much more, the bare necessities of the slender frame of the Playboy model.

“U look perfect in nature,” one fan remarked.

She was standing vertically next to the waterfall and then posed in a few different poses in the remaining pictures. Every was more tantalizing than the last one and obviously elevated the heart rates of all.

Some individuals noted that they had also been navigating fights, and fans urged her to keep moving forward. During the first couple of hours after Sara shared this message, about 470 comments and 68,500 likes poured in. The mixture of elegance and vulnerability, clearly, really struck a chord with the supporters of the model.

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