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CAPE TOWN – Since the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out began in the nation last week, perhaps the biggest social media trend of 2021, vaccine selfies as they are called, have taken over social media. In the hope of encouraging others to get vaccinated too, social media has been buzzing with health-care workers sharing images, particularly selfies of them getting the Covid-19 vaccine jab. Fridah Nyathi, chief executive of Rob Ferreira Hospital in Mpumalanga, said, ‘I never knew that getting the vaccine in front of my staff would motivate them so much.


Although vaccine selfies send a clear message that the vaccines are healthy, they also have the power to drive vaccine-related conversation; and then some, in the case of the picture of Dr. Adam Woodford, Eastern Cape doctor, in the case of Woodford, who was previously infected with Covid-19, spoke to GCIS about the experience and said he was grateful that he could get the vaccine and do his part to help stop Covid-19 from spreading.

“He joked about the images of him receiving the vaccine: “Vaccine done and dusted… To date, side effects include involuntary camera flexing and unnecessary benefits. This social media trend will help policymakers build a dialogue with those who doubt the vaccine’s safety. Their vaccine selfies have also been shared by President Cyril Ramaphosa and Health Minister Zweli Mkhize.

“It was simple, easy and not so painful to take the vaccine. I encourage all our health-care employees to register to receive their vaccinations because they are our first line of protection against the According to UCT Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine Professor Graeme Meintjes, seeing front-line health care staff, the president and the health minister get the vaccine would go a long way to persuade people who are ambivalent about vaccination to get vaccinated when they are qualified. 

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More than 10,000 health care staff in SA were vaccinated less than a week after the country introduced its vaccination program against Covid-19. The Ministry of Health said that one third of the first 80,000 Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be distributed to the private sector over the next 14 days via the Sisonke early access programme.

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