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Kareena Kapoor Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor and his girlfriend Alia Bhatt were brutally shamed by the Kapoor family members for hosting a small celebration for Randhir Kapoor on his 74th birthday (15 February), just a week after the sudden demise of Rajiv Kapoor, the youngest son of Raj Kapoor’s late legend.After suffering a heart attack in Mumbai at the age of 58, the Bollywood actor and filmmaker passed away on February 9.

Many people were disgusted to see the Kapoors chilling, laughing and partying just a few days after the family’s death. Seeing how individuals handle the loss of others differently is so disappointing. Why can’t this unique section of individuals allow the family to mourn the way they want? Why do they want to see the weeping of the Kapoor family? Isn’t that a shameless demonstration of one’s sick mindset?

One, as a human being, should know before shaming and punishing the family that a death in any family leaves a gap that can’t be filled. As the trolls wanted them to do, the Kapoor family could weep and express their sorrow in public, but wouldn’t it hurt their loved ones to see them stuck in such a horrible situation?Is there a rule book that people, in a specific way, can mourn the loss of their loved ones?

Judging someone and running others down is really easy for people to do. Instead of being sympathetic and empathic towards the grieving families, it is probably the worst kind of trolling that one might ever engage in. They all have their own way of dealing with pain. If the Kapoors chose to keep themselves distracted on Randhir’s birthday by throwing a small celebration,It was their way of dealing with the loss of a member of their family.

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We discovered that it was actually the idea of Kareena and Karisma not to leave their dad alone and get him surrounded by people. “Girls are doting on him. Kareena will soon have a baby and will be occupied with her baby duties for some time. So, this was an opportunity for her to spend some time with her dad, particularly after such a huge loss. In the meantime,The source revealed exclusively to Bollywood Life, “Karisma has taken on herself to stay around her father and make sure that the trauma does not affect his health.” As a society, it is high time we practice acts of kindness, display humanity, aid and encourage each other and inspire individuals instead of degrading them according to our own convenience. Word.

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