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Sino Global Shipping America Ltd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate with the CyberMiles Foundation e-commerce blockchain company to jointly explore opportunities using the CRC-721 protocol and trading platform of CyberMiles’ blockchain non-fungible token (‘NFT’), which enables companies, organizations, and individuals to issue and exchange NFTs on the public blockchain of CyberMiles.

Fungible tokens are considered by many cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Each fungible token is the same as any other fungible token: one Bitcoin is equivalent to one Bitcoin in value. Non-fungible tokens vary. Each NFT is distinctive and cannot be interchanged with another one. This function is perfect for NFTs where the provenance of underlying assets is important. In order to verify scarcity, for example, digital art pieces, sports memorabilia, in-game assets, other digital collectibles, contracts and even limited-edition physical goods are digitally connected. It is now projected that the overall size of the NFT sector is $250 million.

A next-generation decentralized blockchain for smart contracts is CyberMiles ( (CMT). For e-commerce applications, CyberMiles’ Smart Business Contracts are optimized. It offers a wide library of Smart Business Contracts related to trade, aiming to deliver the best streamlined mechanism and experience to help create

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