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Feb. 22 – By spending around $1.8 billion, South Korea is to develop a light-aircraft carrier, with deployment to begin in 2033, Seoul’s defense ministry said. The South Korean military and defense acquisition program administration said the light-aircraft carrier project is to move forward at the 133rd Defense Project Promotion Committee on Monday, Newsis said.The warship would hold vertical or short takeoff and landing jets, Seoul said, and would respond to multiple safety threats at sea.

According to the study, the project is the first of its kind for the South Korean military.The 30,000-ton light carrier would have the ability to carry soldiers and supplies and will theoretically act as a naval unit command ship. The main purpose of the new warship, the military said, would be the safety of South Korean civilians in the event of a catastrophe overseas.After Iran seized a Korea-flagged commercial tanker, South Korea deployed a warship carrying the Cheonghae Device to the Persian Gulf last month.

According to Newsis, the investments are estimated to reach $1.8 billion. As many as 20 military planes and eight maritime helicopters could hold the warship. The fleet’s maintenance and service will cost around $180 million annually, said the report.The growing investment of South Korea in new arms comes after Pyongyang announced plans to build nuclear-powered submarines and hypersonic missiles. The peninsula could be monitored by the United States.Donga Ilbo told the U.S. on Monday.

The RC-135U Combat Sent, a reconnaissance aircraft, was deployed near North Korea by the Air Force, citing online aviation trackers. The aircraft took off from Kadena Air Base on Monday and flew over central South Korea at an altitude of around 32,945 feet, the article said.The U.S. deployment report comes after military sources in South Korea said last week that the U.S. The RC-135C Cobra Ball flew between northeastern China and the Korean Peninsula. Beginning March 8, the United States and South Korea will conduct joint exercises.

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