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The full effect of the decision by Apple is not yet evident! There’s always a lot going to happen, which will help AMD and Intel have a nice time, of course.

Therefore, first of all, Apple does not produce “traditional” processors such as AMD or Intel; it produces SoCs (System on a Chip), which, as the name indicates, consist of a single-chip complete system.

Having said all this, Apple promised a full processor family for its line of Mac computers at the time of the Intel divorce. In other words, the Apple M1 is just the first processor in a gigantic range, which is a low-end alternative built to bring life to cheaper notebooks such as the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 13, despite its exceptional performance and unrivaled battery life.

What is the effect of this decision on the industry (or will it be)?

The industry is quiet, but is attentive to Apple’s M1’s success. Incidentally, the strength of the North American giant’s latest ARM processor is not even big news for the tech industry, as iPads have been rivaling the offerings of Intel and AMD for many years with the ARM SoCs that have given life to iPhones.

Nevertheless, it seems like many practitioners did not anticipate a change to the world of computers so rapidly and so strongly. Because many thought the desktop world’s workloads would be too heavy for the simple ARM chip… Well, they were wrong! The M1 is impressive even in compatibility mode, and, of course, when the M1X arrives in a few months, it could be even more fascinating.

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Interestingly, with Apple’s bet, some giants with different eyes started to look at ARM!

We should emphasize Microsoft in this category, but also AMD, which apparently also plays a bit with the ARM architecture in addition to its efforts in the X86 world. In addition to these two giants, with its Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs, we also have Qualcomm ready to bet seriously on the tech world.

The effect on the technology industry of Apple’s recent strategy has not yet had half its potential effects. So, quite briefly, it is undeniable that Apple is on its side with the benefit… However, you are really wrong if you are waiting for the company’s rivals to let the broken apple get away without any rivalry.

The all-in of Apple has the power to alter the industry in a very significant manner. As early as 2021, for the first results to be felt. Something that could lead to faster devices for us all, and less thirst for energy.

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