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Sunmi undergone another transition with her latest streaming single “Tail.”

As the title of the song suggests, she was influenced by cats, said the solo artist at an online showcase on Tuesday. The addictive guitar leaf is very sexy, she said, with the same titled song that contrasts a passionate, instinctive and self-confident woman in love with the sophisticated and agile characters of a feline species.

She stumbled across the term “tail” unexpectedly, but was intrigued by how the body part could be a simple and direct means of speech. The choreography is daring and full of specifics produced by Janel Guinestra, a dancer/choreographer who collaborated with Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

The sensitive and sharp sounds and actions that often get on your nerves have been blended into the album, explained the artist who wrote the lyrics.

“This is completely different from the music I’ve been doing. The performance also is surely new and my heart is full of worries and aflutter at the same time,” she said.

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