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According to Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis in an interview with the Financial Times, EU leaders must “move faster” and adopt vaccination certificates which will enable people to resume mass travel.

“Looking at the reaction of some countries to vaccination certificate proposals, I feel there’s a lot of short sightedness. There’s more to be done now to prepare ourselves,” Theocharis said.

“Some countries are very much preoccupied now,” he said, adding: “We need to move more quickly.”


Diplomats consider it unlikely, according to the newspaper, that the planned scheme would be implemented from now on because of concerns that it will create a two-speed system for citizens’ travel rights.

Theocharis emphasized, speaking to the newspaper, that preparation for safe travel should be agreed soon as individuals should know by now whether it will be possible to take a summer vacation this year.

The British newspaper states that Greece signed this month an agreement with Israel that allows those who have been vaccinated to fly between the two countries without having to show a negative result.

Theocharis said negotiations were under way with the United Kingdom on a similar agreement, although Britain does not issue vaccination certificates for its citizens.

“I don’t understand this kind of messaging. People from the UK were able to have a vacation,” the Greek Minister said.

“I don’t see how we can take one step back now that we have more tools in our arsenal,” he added.

He also insisted that the travel vaccine would not be necessary and that it would just mean that those who had been vaccinated would not have to take the COVID-19 examination to enter the country.

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