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SINGAPORE – A male nurse at the Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre clinic is accused of molesting a male patient while recovering from a day-to-day service.

At Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Irrawaddy Road off Balestier, Ivan Lee Yi Wang, now 32, is reported to have targeted the man twice on Oct 31, 2018. Within the hospital is situated the specialty centre.
The Singaporean faces two counts of violence and claimed on Monday a tribunal (Feb 22).
Owing to a gag order, the 26-year-old alleged victim will not be identified.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Stacey Anne Fernandez said Lee was a clinic nurse manager at the time of the suspected offenses. His function included administrative tasks, including appointment arranging and helping to administer medications while patients were discharged.

The DPP told District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt: “The job scope of the accused never involved any physical contact or physical examination of patients at any time.”
The alleged victim told Judge Chay, taking the stand on the first day of Lee’s trial, that he went to the Gutcare clinic some time in late September or early October 2018 when he had some “stomach problems.”
There, for the first time, he met Lee and the nurse reported his visit.In early October of that year, the court learned that the man attended the clinic for the second time and did not feel he was communicating with Lee at the time.But he added that at a follow-up appointment, Lee later used his own cell phone to give him a text message via WhatsApp.
The man told the court that he thought it was “strange” that a personal number came from the message and did not respond to it. He called the clinic’s land line on the matter, instead.
On Oct 31, 2018, he went to the clinic for the third time and saw Lee wearing a white top and pants that were dark in hue. The man underwent an endoscopy at the hospital later that day.DPP Fernandez said that he was taken to the treatment unit in the hospital’s Endoscopy Centre following the operation.

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She added: “(The man) will testify that during the time he was recovering in the ward, he had on the first instance been woken up when he felt (somebody touching his private parts).

“He also saw a flashlight from what looked like a mobile phone pointed towards his groin area. He managed to see a male person clad in white top and dark trousers. He turned his body and the stroking stopped.”
The court heard that the man was allegedly molested for the second time later that day. He then alerted the other nurses and told them what happened.
The DPP said: “The doctors to be called will testify that the accused had no reason to be in (the patient’s) room except for administrative matters including dispensing medication and assisting with the patient discharge.”
Lee is represented by lawyers Peter Low and Christine Low.

An internet search of licensed healthcare practitioners in Singapore showed that he is already a nurse but is now working at another institution. The healthcare provider Parkway Pantai, which operates the hospital, told The Straits Times that Lee had been employed independently by the clinic and was not staff at the hospital.

Its spokesman added: “We are unable to comment further as the matter is before the courts.”
The trial continues. For each count of molestation, an offender can be jailed for up to two years and fined or caned.

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