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McLaren’s latest and futuristic Artura PHEV concept has officially been unveiled. The amazing supercar by the maker, which “rejects” the iconic V8 engine we are so used to in a new design and brings a breath of fresh air to the brand.

Even, the breath of fresh air continues to cost the face’s eyes, because its price starts at € 215,000 even with all the improvements in this model!

However, despite being high, all the performance and all that Artura is capable of offering to drivers is largely justified by its price. After all, we’re talking about amazing acceleration, the ability to drive in 100% electric mode, and even about 4.7L / 100km of combined averages.


Let’s get to the numbers, McLaren Artura PHEV!
Now, the latest hybrid plug-in model will go from 0-100 km / h in just 3 seconds in terms of acceleration. It is also able to continue up to a limited peak speed of 329.9 km / h in addition to acceleration.

Simply impressive acceleration given that we have two engines and a very strong battery pack now!


All that being said, there is a new V6 3L bi-turbo engine under the hood, paired with a 92 hp electric motor and a 7.2 kWh battery pack coupled to an 8-speed gearbox. Even, you know that Artura has just 27 kg more than the 720S.

Interestingly, the improvements to the whole chassis helped to minimize the model’s weight greatly. Bear in mind that this supercar’s hybrid system alone adds 130kg to the equation.

In McLaren vehicles, the end of numbers and the return to names!
The company’s tradition of introducing its latest products with numbers seems to look like it’s going to stop. With the turning point being the current Artura PHEV model.

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