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According to a new study surveying 1,000 global C-suite executives and their direct reports, released today by Broadridge Financial Solutions (NYSE: BR), a global Fintech leader, over half of financial services firms worldwide plan to increase their spending over the next two years on next-generation technologies such as AI, blockchain, the cloud and digital.

The Next-Gen Technology Adoption Survey by Broadridge indicated that companies have also reported a range of strategic advantages from previous investments in emerging technologies, including accelerated time to market, better decision-making and improved risk management.

For the study, Broadridge developed The ABCDs of Innovation Maturity FrameworkTM to categorize companies in next-gen technology adoption as either a Beginner, Implementer, Advancer or Leader. The maturity of next-gen technology was based on progress made in the implementation of these technologies and reported efficiency in driving company performance.

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