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On Tuesday, Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra lashed out at a “kisan mahapanchayat” in Mathura at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him “arrogant” and a “coward” who does not take accountable for his policies.

She also accused the PM of insulting farmers through his “andolanjeevi” (habitual agitators) remark by making a mockery of them in Parliament.

Promising that when it comes to power, her party will revoke the new farm laws, Priyanka alleged that those engaged in making money (‘noton ki kheti’) have enacted them to help their ‘billionaire friends.’

“People have always taught a lesson to arrogant governments and the time for it has arrived,” she said, it turned out that all the election promises made by the governing party were false.

“The truth is that the Prime Minister is not only arrogant (‘ahankari’) but also a coward (‘kayar’). As soon as his policies are questioned, he backtracks,” the Leader of Congress said, accusing the PM of falsely blaming the policies of her party for high fuel prices.

“Thank God the previous Congress governments had developed industries, otherwise, the present government would not have been able to sell anything,” she said.

The General Secretary of Congress also said that the GST and demonetisation were implemented in order to help the Prime Minister’s “billionaire friends.”

She said the government was “intoxicated” by the thought of selling public sector properties and asked people at the rally to save the sacred Govardhan hill “so that it should not be sold by the BJP.”

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She said that while the Centre raised over Rs 20 lakh crore through fuel taxes and waived its “billionaire friends” loans, it did not spare farmers a single penny.

Speaking regarding farm legislation, she said that once the anti-farmer laws are scrapped, they will continue to fight for the cause of farmers.

“The Congress will repeal the laws when it comes to power if the present government failed to do so,” she said.

She also said promises have proven hollow, such as doubling farmers’ incomes, waiving their loans and clearing sugarcane arrears.

The government does not have Rs 15,000 crore to pay farmers, while the Prime Minister has purchased two planes worth Rs 16,000 crore, she said.

Through the rules, she said, the government has paved the way for the accumulation of production and the abolition of mandis.

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