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Pretoria – Thabang Bogopa, a forensic scientist, advocates a solution to help the nation keep track of its explosive assets and help protect communities from offenders who use them recklessly to commit cash-in-transit heists. Bogopa, a Master’s student at Unisa and the 2019 Science and Innovation Challenge winner, is in the testing process of his university-funded groundbreaking Explosives ICT Control System.




“We’ve often seen the negative impact of explosives being in the wrong hands and that’s why I think it can make a huge difference to have a system like this in place to help keep better track of these explosives.” He said he hoped that the design of the program would help mines incorporate the legal requirements for explosives control in South Africa and Instead of using biomeatrics to search any body part for explosives or illicit materials that were not permitted to leave the premises of the mine, this, Bogopa said, would exceed existing methods of only a metal detector usually used.

He added that the machine went further in that it had a geographical advantage in being able to tell the mines what kind of rock they were dealing with and how much explosive on any given day would actually be needed. The device can be monitored from the comfort of their office by management, but also help them save costs in the amount of explosives they need to consume.

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