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In a new clip posted on the show’s Instagram page, the coaches of “The Voice” have demonstrated their love for Nick Jonas.

Nick was seen in the video while he was posing for the photographer. In the background, a camera was heard clicking. Nick said, “It’s good to be back,” to his fellow coaches.

EGOT winner John Legend spoke to viewers directly and said of the return of his fellow mentor, “What’s not to love? He’s very talented, he’s a gentleman, and he’s very handsome.”

In the clip, on the set of the season, the coaches are seated in their infamous red swivel chairs.

Blake looks at a specific singing hopeful during the blind auditions of the show and spoke about the attire of Nick. His black leather topper was named “a freshly Windex’d jacket,” a reference to the polished material that was part of his wardrobe.

In answer, Nick quipped, “we have to be sanitized!”

Nick said he was proud to once again be part of the family of “The Voice” During Season 18, he previously coached singers and made it to third place with his protege, Thunderstorm Artis.

In the clip, Nick revealed that while he might have lost his first season to Blake on the show, he was not intending to do so again.

Some tricks they have up their sleeves this season are also seen by the other judges, including Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly brought back her infamous satin jackets from Team Kelly to award them to anyone who wanted to be part of her party. In his likeness, Blake will introduce a bobblehead that he will sell to his fans. John wrote a special song that crowns those who trust him with their journey through the Voice.

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In an interview segment for the clip, Blake acknowledged that the show has changed a lot over the years. At its heart, one thing remains the same; the show remains what it began to be, a place where creativity was placed first.

This season, John told viewers the coaches and viewers would be shocked by the amount of talent they get to see.

Nick agreed and said he thinks he has a rare opportunity as a mentor to help introduce the next step of their artistic journey to fledgling artists.

Nick is going to have a full plate for the next month when it comes to his work life.

Nick will also host and serve as the musical guest for the February 27th episode of “Saturday Night Live.” along with his return to The Voice. There, he will participate in skits alongside the core cast of the show and sing his new song titled “Spaceman.”

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