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In an interview with CNN Türk, new inflammatory remarks against Greece were made by the former head of the Turkish general staff of the key theorist of the Blue Homeland theory, Cihat Yaycı.

“The so-called “theoretician” of the failed “Blue Homeland” project of Ankara to steal Greek maritime space, provocatively argued that at the expense of Turkey, Greece is constantly expanding, talking about the “Megali Idea (Great Idea).

The head of the Center for Naval and Strategic Studies at the University of Istanbul and the Blue Homeland theorist, supported by the journalist’s questions, resorted to another expressive delusion toward Greece.

Here are some excerpts from Yaycı, who is currently influencing not only his country’s public opinion, but also Erdoğan’s policies in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

Yaycı stated:

“Greece is not a normal state, it has not been a normal state since its inception.”

“After the success of the Peloponnesian uprising, until today, with the help of the great powers, it expands its territories. And on whose territories did it expand – on Turkish soil.”

“Now Greece is making its 6th expansion.”

“Greece has an ideal called “the Megali Idea” and do not change their minds about it. Constantinople (Κωνσταντινούπολις, Turkish: İstanbul) to join Greece, all of Thrace to join Greece, western Anatolia to join Greece, Cyprus and all the Aegean islands to join Greece.”

“Did they take half of Thrace? They took it.”

“Since 1954, with the Enosis (Union) plan, do they not want Cyprus to join Greece? They want.”

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“There is no problem in the Aegean. In the Aegean there are the demands of Greece and we should not take Greece’s demands as an issue.”

“They are militarily equipping the islands because they threaten Turkey.”

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