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According to officials there, two people were injured after parts of a cargo plane broke off and dropped on a town in the Netherlands.

According to the Veiligheidsregio (the Dutch Regional Safety Inspector) and Maastricht Aachen Airport, bits of metal fall on the town of Meerssen after a Boeing 747 cargo plane encountered an engine fire shortly after taking off from Maastricht (MAA).

According to Longtail Aviation, the charter airline that operates the aircraft, the plane was bound for JFK Airport in New York City and was a Boeing 747-400 freighter.

Shortly after takeoff, the plane’s crew found an engine problem, Longtail Aviation said in a statement to CNN.

“followed correct procedures to investigate the problem,”followed the correct procedures to investigate the problem.

“Resulting from this, the decision was made, with air traffic approval, to divert to Liege Airport, Belgium, where it landed safely,” the airline said.

Our flight crew dealt professionally with this situation and in compliance with the correct aviation standards, resulting in a secure and uneventful landing,”Our flight crew dealt with this situation professionally and in accordance with the correct aviation standards, resulting in a safe and uneventful landing,”

“We are now in the process of working closely with the Dutch, Belgian, Bermuda and UK authorities to understand the cause of this incident.”

However, metal pieces fell down in Meerssen in the Sint Josephstraat region as a consequence of these engine problems, the Veiligheidsregio (safety inspector) said.

Two persons were slightly wounded. The safety inspector said one of them was taken to a hospital.

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Also, many cars and houses were destroyed, added the safety inspector.

In a quote, MAA confirmed that the plane held “general cargo and pharmaceuticals on board.”

“A few seconds after the plane took off, air traffic control noted an engine fire and informed the pilots. They then switched off the engine concerned and sent out an emergency signal,” said MAA.

Because of its longer runway, which provided the plane with more space to land safely, MAA said the pilot preferred to land at Li├Ęge.

MAA said, “We understand that people are shocked and regret that this has happened,” “Our attention now primarily focuses on those directly involved in this incident.”

According to CNN Belgium affiliate HLN-VTM Nieuws, the Boeing 747 cargo plane in this incident is registered as VQ-BWT.

According to its website, Longtail Aviation is based in St. George’s, Bermuda, and was founded in August 1999. The website said that Longtail provides global charter services, cargo support, aircraft management and acquisition sales.

For comment, CNN has contacted Boeing.

News of the emergency landing of the cargo flight comes on the heels of Saturday’s similar incident in the US.

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