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Tomorrow, the embattled Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) will hold an emergency council meeting in the midst of allegations of declining governance and management made by Parliamentary Por The Chairman of the Committee, Philly Mapulane, has called on Minister Blade Nzimande to interfere in the administration of the university and to consider taking over.

The chairman of the university council, Morailane Morailane, was ridiculed by lawmakers for the poor attitude he allegedly showed during a meeting last week, reminding him that he was accountable to Parliament, Mapulane said. He claimed that the committee was concerned about the state of MUT’s governance and management and had therefore invited the university, headed by the council and Dr. Duma Malaza, vice-chancellor and principal, currently on suspension, to discuss the institution’s governance and management challenges.

The committee was surprised, however, to receive a letter from the council objecting to their involvement in a meeting attended by Dr Malaza. It was a serious concern of the committee that Mr. Morailane decided to determine the agenda of the meeting and who should be invited to attend it, he said. Morailane subsequently attended, along with Malaza, the parliamentary briefing. In the wake of charges of corruption surrounding the issuance of tenders in recent years, the two are known to be at loggerheads.

“The commitee had previously invited MUT twice and requested a postponement on both occasions by the university council pending the finalisation and presentation of a forensic investigation report on counter-allegations made by both (Morailane) and Dr Malaza,” Mapulane said. Simmering tensions boiled over when a forensic investigation was instituted into the allegations by the university. Following SNG-launch Thornton’s of the inquiry, commissioned by the council in April last year, Morailane took voluntary leave, apparently to prevent potential intervention

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