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Muddy is the first off-road mud race film in India, an innovative and never-before-seen experience with the imagination of a young filmmaker, Dr. Pragabhal, who explores the road less traveled by any filmmaker cinematically. Mud racing is a form of off-road motorsport, and watching this with all the cinematic themes will be enthralling.Under the banner of PK7 Creations, directed by a newcomer, Dr. Pragabhal, and bankrolled by Prema Krishnadas, Muddy is special and that’s what the audiences are looking for.

An adventurous thriller of action that proves to be second to none, born out of the love of the director for adventures and off-road racing with which he has a close association. Pragabhal has conducted extensive research that has been going on for five years, trying out a storyline about the rivalry between various teams.An amalgamation of retribution, family drama, comedy and adventure that weaves the film’s threads.

He says, “In off-road racing, I trained the main actors. We didn’t use any dupes.” I wanted guys who were adventurous and ready to spend the time and energy required for the film. The biggest challenge before me was to introduce the audience to a sport such as mud racing without losing its excitement and punch.The idea of mud racing being new to the Indian cinema and its audiences, the film had no parallels to the making, which also indicates that production was not a cakewalk.

Sand racing and stunts have been realistically shot in the mud. This will be a new experience, he said, for the viewers. Actors have invested two years in lead roles to acquire real-time mud racing experience. It took the director more than a year to scout for appropriate locations, and the film will show some unrevealed and exciting locations.

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While in the film there are 3 distinct Mud Race patterns that are all choreographed by the director, expensive modified vehicles were used to get the true atmosphere of the mud race.”Dr. Pragabhal added, “I have conducted a Mud Race event for 2 days, not just for a cinematographic framing, but for the people around the place to know what a true off-road 4-4 Mud Race is.

What’s good to note is that no adventurous stunts were used by dupes or stunt artists. Muddy is a thorough action thriller in the genre of mud racing. Give the viewer a wonderful story that they will appreciate. The technical crew of the film includes KGF fame for music Ravi Basrur, Ratsasan fame for editing San Lokesh, colorist Ranga, and Hollywood fame for cinematography K G Ratheesh. Muddy and Harish Peradi, I M Vijayan and Renji Panicker will be seen in pivotal roles as Yuvan, Ridhaan Krishna, Anusha Suresh and Amit Sivadas Nair. On February 26th, 2021, the trailer for the special adventure film will be out.

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