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Cape Town – The Department of Health of Western Cape appeals to the public to be accountable while exchanging communications and vaccine information and the vaccination process of the government. The Western Cape Department of Health has resorted to sharing optimistic vaccine personal stories in hopes of calming the public, with concern about the much-anticipated vaccine increasing. 

Shimoney Regter, spokesperson for the Western Cape Department of Health, said: “Vaccines have been developed to save lives by reducing the chances of illness.” The development of vaccines with immunizations against infectious diseases goes back hundreds of years.

“Misinformation or false news can lead to vaccine hesitancy, which is capable of reversing the progress made in the fight against vaccine-preventable diseases,” Regter added. “You can’t calculate how many lives have been saved by vaccines or how many deaths have been prevented and how much money has been saved,” said fourth-year medical student Glen Thatcher. Asking questions is necessary. But we’ll step backwards as we spread misinformation, and we’ll extend the period we’re under lockdown.

We need to note that vaccines have been tested for Covid-19. They had to go back to the drawing board to try again, even though they failed. Covid-19 will not be eradicated overnight by the vaccine. The crux of it is that your life can be saved by a vaccine. It’s not going to guarantee you won’t get the virus, however a vaccine will make sure that if you get it, it’s going to be mild,’ Thatcher said.

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Vaccination is one of the most cost-effective methods of preventing illness, according to the World Health Organisation. Currently, 2-3 million deaths a year are prevented, and an extra 1.5 million may be avoided if global vaccine coverage increases. Nokubona Ngeyi, a third-year nursing student, said: “Let us not spread information that is not true.” We threaten people with misleading facts, and because of what they have learned about it, some individuals are now afraid of taking the vaccine.

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