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Because of the many features that have always arrived, if WhatsApp has been addressed for many years, behold, things have changed recently and the subject is always the same because of what is happening. The new rules on WhatsApp. You’ve got until May 15 to say whether or not you agree. But no one has yet disclosed what would happen if they did not agree. We know now, but be vigilant.

WhatsApp: This is going to happen if you don’t comply with the rules!

Contrary to what was said initially, you do not automatically lose access to the new account if you do not follow the new guidelines. That said, you will continue getting calls and updates for several weeks. Nevertheless, you would not be able to read or send messages.

It is still not really clear what goes on from here. However, if we agree that WhatsApp has a new policy of removing accounts that have been inactive for 120 days, it is possible that those who do not follow the rules will eventually do so.

It is already known, looking at all this, that WhatsApp would not abandon the new rules it revealed last month. So, if you choose to use this program, information about the new privacy policy, which will be introduced very soon, should be obtained soon.

The first thing that will happen in the coming weeks is that a banner that provides more detail about privacy policy changes will appear.

The banner will address several questions that users have raised.

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This forum wants to illustrate in reality that things are not as worrying as they originally appeared to be. In any event, you will have to recognize the new policy by 15 May if you want to continue using this application.

The WhatsApp privacy problem that concerns the entire network, from WhatsApp Site to mobile device applications, has resulted in a mass flight to other competing systems. Telegram and Signal were the winners, too. In reality, Telegram also achieved the feat of attaining first spot, at least in the Play Store, in the TOP of most downloaded apps. It is true that most WhatsApp rumors are not true. But as soon as people began to learn about Facebook sharing data, they instantly wanted to run away. The issue is that the same direction as WhatsApp can be taken by Telegram and Signal. More about this can be read here.

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