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Kavita Kaushik, a popular TV actress who gained popularity for portraying Chandramukhi Chautala’s character in FIR, entered Bigg Boss 14 as one of the wildcard contestants, but later realized that she was completely inappropriate for the show. She was evicted from the house first, and when she was called again,Kavita later left the house with Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla after her nasty verbal spat.

We can see some of the evicted contestants gracing the stage now talking about the Bigg Boss 14 grand finale, which will happen next weekend, but frankly, we might not see her during the big day with Kavita’s past situation in the show. In fact, in a recent conversation with E Times, Kavita said she was happy to leave the house of Bigg Boss and said, ‘I’m glad I left because my words are not so smart.

I realized that with the fake fights for image building, I was so done that I could raise my hand in helplessness on someone, and I do not promote violence of any kind. On my whole journey to the BB house,I didn’t start a fight. I was provoked to get into an argument each time, and yes, after that, I lacked the shrewdness to look at my words.

I would say things with anger that would take a different turn, leaving behind the real reason for the fight. I felt that this is not who I am, not coming out on the show with my good qualities, so it’s pointless to stay inside.I haven’t been so desperate. I was lucky that they gave me the option to leave and open the door that day. It was like the mere liye of Mahadev ne khulwa diya tha darwaza. People are dying to stay at home, and I couldn’t wait to leave. Though we feel that Kavita Kaushik with the couple should bury her hatchets and grace the Bigg Boss 14 finale. What are the thoughts you have on this? Share @bollywood life with your thoughts.

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