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At the design stage, Microsoft has yet to publicly announce any of its plans for Windows 10. We have, however, come to know some stuff already. For starters, we know that in the second half of this year, everything will be available. Progress on the Sun Valley update has finally begun and we’re going to have a lot of stuff floating around in Windows 10.

Windows 10: The watchwords are the floating and round corners!

Version 21H2 of Windows 10 will mark a new age in Microsoft’s operating system architecture. We would also have a bigger bet on the round corners. Furthermore, we also have a redesigned start menu and a taskbar.

Various parts of the operating system will hit the rounded corners I spoke about above.

As we have already mentioned here, the first one is the Start menu when it comes to fluctuations. So this menu will appear different from the taskbar visually. Moreover, it will have the same impact on the menu that appears when we use the right mouse button.
But we still have new features in addition to these aesthetic improvements.
The Windows 10 settings app is divided into different types, as is the case with the control panel. System, processes, customization, among others. So, to find the choices you want, you can click on those categories. In addition, the check at the top of the window can also be used to find what you’re looking for.

It seems like Microsoft wants to improve this now, and if we take into account the proof that is in the new preview versions. As such, as reported on the Windows Latest website, it is working on new features for the settings app.

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Windows 10 is being given a lot of publicity by Microsoft. It moves the control panel pages to the settings app in the settings area, and this can be confusing for some individuals.

That said, Windows 10 will add a new segment that shows what’s new in order to increase the migration process and make things simpler. Thus, it will be possible to more quickly locate the transferred pages.

But in addition, to eliminate uncertainty on the description sites, Microsoft can merge several pages. Power and battery settings will be put on a single tab, for instance.

The same page will, however, allow you to adjust the settings for hibernation.

But in terms of meanings, there is another innovation. In reality, the webcam is something that has never been really convenient to configure.

Microsoft is testing a new dedicated page that will be the control center of the webcam to tackle this problem. This page lists all available cameras and allows some information, such as brightness and contrast, to be changed.

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