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“Tandav”, a Hindi word meaning “fury”, stars top Bollywood actors. In several states it has faced police complaints and court cases alleging the show had depicted Hindu gods and goddesses in a derogatory manner, and offended religious beliefs. Lawmakers from India’s ruling nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party have also criticised it.
The corporation apologized in a statement titled “Amazon Prime Video Apologizes” on Tuesday, saying it sincerely regretted that audiences found those scenes unacceptable.

Amazon apologizes “unconditionally” to “anyone who has been offended,” and says it will continue to produce content by recognizing the cultural and religious diversity of its viewers.

Last week, the “Tandav” row erupted when police in Uttar Pradesh, India’s northernmost district, interrogated one of Amazon’s top executives for hours in connection with a complaint filed against the show.

When asked about the company’s apologies, a senior state police officer, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the investigation would continue.The latest dispute involving the Amazon show “Tandav” is one of the most high-profile incidents. Shows on online sites such as Netflix Inc and Amazon Prime have often faced lawsuits in India for obscenity or offending views, but the latest controversy involving the Amazon show “Tandav” is one of the highest-profile cases. Amazon’s apology, according to an Indian media and entertainment industry executive, was remarkable and shown that large US conglomerates would capitulate to political or cultural demands. On the basis of anonymity, the executive spoke.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos spoke at a Prime Video function in Mumbai with Bollywood stars in January 2020, announcing that the company would double down on its investments. He said that Prime Video was doing well all over the world, but that “nowhere is it doing better than India.”Amazon has invested $6.5 billion (S$8.6 billion) in investments in India, including interests in e-commerce, online streaming, cloud computing, and other fields.

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Amazon is also facing calls for a ban after Reuters revealed last month that the US company had granted a select number of sellers on its India website preferential treatment for years, allowing them to skirt the country’s stringent foreign investment regulations.

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