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Demi Rose is flaunting a frontless dress and just the most revealing bejeweled bikini bottoms. Fresh from going full commando in an unbuttoned shirt, the 25-year-old model and social media sensation has been busy cramming her Instagram stories with throwbacks – followed by 16.1 million, the British beauty may rack up the most likes for her headline-making posts, but her stories are also getting noticed. Demi threw out the curves and the class, transporting fans to a vacation and a chic lobby setting.

It comes as Demi makes headlines for maintaining an unusual Instagram presence despite a flurry of promotional activity. Rose was announced as Pretty Little Thing’s newest brand ambassador in October 2020, with the above English Breakfast Tea picture doing particularly well.

Demi was seen parading through a lobby with Moroccan-arched ceilings and cool floors, dressed more for dinner on the beach than tea. Rose wore a small outfit that showed off her jaw-dropping DDs and 24-inch waist, but it was stylish.

Demi’s killer cleavage was accentuated in the chiffony white dress, which came open-chested without a bra and was attached to a skirt piece with string ties. As Rose posed with slicked-back wet hair, the loose-flowing fabrics, which were also open down below, came with a small white pair of bikini briefs and jewel details.

Demi pulled off a look that most women would fear would result in a wardrobe malfunction – nothing new for the bikini bombshell.

Demi is rapidly gaining popularity. Although she’s gained over 1.1 million followers since then, the model celebrated reaching 15 million Instagram followers in October 2020. Demi Thanked Fans From a Bobbing Boat Demi Thanked Fans From a Bobbing Boat Demi Thanked Fans From a Bobbing Boat Demi Thanked Fans From a

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“Heaven is a state of mind ⛅️ 15 million of you. I am amazed. I never would have thought when I began Instagram and started modelling at 18 to have such an amazing fan base like I do now. I appreciate and love you all so much. Thank you for all your support.💕”

Demi, who joined MySpace to get away from cruel bullies, is still adjusting to her enormous success. Rose told ES in September of last year that she lives in Ibiza, Spain, and that she:

“When I was younger I always dreamed of being the girl that everyone admired but instead I got bullied. So, the popularity now just absolutely blows me away. I honestly can’t believe it.”

Demi has since updated with beautiful tight dress looks for Pretty Little Thing, with each post likely bringing in some extra cash for the brunette.-Inquisitr

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