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On Thursday, Inanna Sarkis, one of the sexy After film franchise’s ridiculously attractive stars, offered photographic proof that she’s slaying the post-pregnancy swimwear game. The 27-year-old Canadian YouTube sensation shared a photo of herself wearing a plum-colored bikini and looking stunning.

Inanna gave birth to her first child in September, but she did not appear to be the mother of a 6-month-old daughter, as many of her 11.3 million Instagram followers noted. While there was no visible evidence that she’d given birth, it was clear that she’d been working out hard.

They were taken during a trip to Palm Springs, California, a desert oasis that is a popular tourist destination, she revealed in her caption. It’s also a great place for Hollywood insiders to visit for a quick getaway when they can’t afford to travel to more exotic locations.

Inanna’s photo shoot took place at the Parker Palm Springs hotel, which is described on its official Instagram page as “the ultimate desert escape.” In none of the actress’ snaps, however, was there any sign of the desert. She posed instead on a lush green lawn. A hammock was strung between two massive palm trees in the idyllic setting. Nearby, a swath of tall green plants grew.

Inanna was dressed in a purple bikini made of plush purple fabric. Her top had underwire for support and shaping, but there was no padding in the cups. Her bottoms featured high sides, a low scooped front, and a thong back to show off her amazing glutes.

She was facing forward in her first photo. She reached up to touch her windblown brunette tresses as she stepped in front of a partly open weathered gate. She accentuated her sculpted abs by stretching out her already taut stomach.

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Inanna wore layered necklaces, gold hoop earrings, various rings, and stacked metallic bead bracelets, all of which were on trend. She completed her look with a pair of angular tortoiseshell sunglasses in her second photo.

The third picture showed the back of her bun-baring bottoms, which had a low-coverage back. After that, there was a shot of the hammock that was empty and another of Inanna lounging in it. Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be at ease.

Following that was a picture of Inanna wearing jeans over her bathing suit. On one of the back pockets, the words “F**k Off” were stitched in pink.

Inanna’s final shot showed her perched on the edge of a white-painted wrought iron lawn chair. Her hair was thrown back, and she walked around in flip-flops. As she lifted a cup of coffee to her lips, she looked like a queen on her throne.

Star actress Ryan Destiny, one of Inanna’s famous Instagram followers, was so taken aback by her toned post-baby body that she virtually begged to be her workout partner.

“Omg you just had a whole child lol [crying emoji] I gotta train with YAL,” Ryan wrote.

“Ummmm yesss please! I need a bad a** work out partner! Let’s do some boxing,” read Inanna’s response. 

“Hard work is showing,” observed content creator Amanda Cerny. 

“I refuse to believe she had a baby,” read a fourth remark from a fan. 

Inanna worked out throughout her pregnancy, ensuring that her body bounced back fairly fast. She even demonstrated that she was still capable of doing the splits when she was 37 weeks pregnant. –Inquisitr

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