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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, has frequently been the object of falsified claims and social media quotations.
One viral Facebook post says that Pelosi has been hit by a hot mic that calls Americans stupidly.
“The hot Mike (sic) picked Pelosi saying ‘The Americans on Earth are (the) stupidest people,'” the post said.
On March 11, the text post was published with more than 817 shares and 50 reactions.
A screenshot of a news article from Michigan Today has been shared by certain customers recently in similar versions of the allegation.

The title reads “American citizens are the most stupid people on Earth” by Pelosi Caught in Hot Mic. A picture with members of the press is shown above the text of the House Speaker.
There is no proof that Pelosi has ever said that American people on earth are “the stupid” or “the stupid” people. The claim came from the site where the satirical content is published.
The first quote was published on October 20, 2019 in an article on, a fictitious story publishing company in America’s Last Line of Defense.
The report is written on the subject: “Pelosi Satire with Chile Sauce and Liquid Cheese, Satire and/or Conservative Fan Fiction” and “Fired Writer” is the author of the article.

“Everything on this website is fiction” reads from’s “On Us” page. It’s not a lie or a false news, because it’s not true. You should have your head examined if you think it is real.
The disclaimer further states that any similarity between “pure imagination” of the website and real events, people and places are “purely accidental” and “altered and satirical” should be considered.
Today Michigan did not make such a story published by Pelosi, a student publication that contains news of the University of Michigan, as claimed by certain versions of the post. The outlet is an edition of the University of Michigan that covers news.

The Facebook post wasn’t authentically told US Editor Deborah Holdship every day.
“Any social media posts will be hit with #Michigan Today (a word, no ‘the’) and will come from Michigan’s social media accounts or the central accounts of the University of Michigan” she says in an ema.
USA TODAY has formerly dismissed Pelosi posts that come from satirical sites which then are shared on social media as a fact.
Our research has been based on the claim that Chamber Speaker Nancy Pelosi was taken as “the most stupid on earth” by Americans. The claim was made in 2019, which is explicitly labeled as satire and the Speaker says this. It is not recorded.


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