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Alexa Collins delighted fans with a playful look in a trio of Instagram posts on Thursday, March 18. In a pleated miniskirt with a fanny pack that she paired with an incredibly cropped top, the Miami model gave off “schoolgirl vibes.”

Alexa’s look drew a lot of praise from her online fans, who were thrilled to see her in such a stylish and daring outfit.

Alexa wore a beige skirt with a mid-rise waistline that was both classy and chic. Her lean figure was accentuated by the design, which also highlighted her supple legs.

The bag was accompanied by a matching fanny pack with a braided handle in contrasting white and ochre tones. Alexa wore it across her hip with a string of white pearls dangling from the top for added oomph. A coquettish zipper ran across the front of the fanny pack, implying that it was not only decorative but also functional. The details stood out against the cream cloth, which was nearly identical to Alexa’s tan.

“Obsessed with this outfit!!” one fan sounded off in the comments section. 

“Unlike any school girl I’ve ever seen,” chimed in another Instagrammer, who also left a trail of fire emoji for emphasis.

In a revealing long-sleeve crop top that grazed above her chest, the blond beauty revealed plenty of skin. While the top of the dress had a conservative mock neckline, the bottom was lavishly embellished with beaded fringe trimmings that made her décolletage the center of attention. The miniskirt’s decorations matched the miniskirt’s, creating a casual-chic look that drew attention.

Alexa wore an off-white bandeau top underneath, exposing her toned midsection completely to the camera.

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The model wore an ensemble from Reve Boutique, which she tagged in her post for anyone interested in purchasing either piece.

The 25-year-old flaunted her swish ensemble while striking a seductive pose for the camera. She put a hand on her waist and cocked her hip. Her legs were spread wide apart, allowing the audience to appreciate the sharp, elegant pleats on her skirt in greater detail.

Alexa was beaming from ear to ear in the first photo, while she was pensively staring into the distance in the last. She looked straight into the camera in the middle of the shot, gracefully brushing back a strand of hair.

Her long, golden locks were parted in the middle and styled in wavy curls that framed her face and cascaded over her shoulders.

The model appeared to be in a studio and was photographed in a large space that appeared to be set up for boudoir shoots. Behind a set of transparent drapes, a huge bed could be seen in the far background, positioned in front of a massive, sunlit window.

Alexa’s slender figure dominated the shots, which focused on her from the knees up. To her right, she could see a changing area.

The three-part series was a big hit with her 1.3 million followers on the platform, racking up more than 18,800 likes and upwards of 230 comments. Fans gushed about her outfits, smile, and enviable physique, and the comments section was flooded with hearts.

“Omg you have the tiniest waist. How many inches is your waist @alexacollins and what kind of workouts can you recommend so I can get mine smaller?”  

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Her fans have reacted equally enthusiastically to a recent post showing another eye-catching outfit from the same label. Alexa looked stunning in beige leather pants, an incredibly cropped white top, and a black lace bustier while posing outside in front of a sleek black Mercedes sports car in the video in question. To date, that post has received over 20,800 likes and almost 270 messages.-Inquisitr

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