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Cindy Prado, a Cuban beauty with 2.1 million Instagram followers, teased her 2.1 million followers with her latest post, a series of hot photos in which she wore a pair of teeny-tiny Daisy Dukes and a bold white blouse.

Cindy appeared to be out and about in the photos, which were taken in Miami, Florida, as noted by the geotag. As she struck a variety of poses, she was perched on a white ledge overlooking what appeared to be a cozy restaurant or cafe, with bright signs and fruit visible in the background.

Her top was from Oh Polly, and she tagged the brand’s Instagram page in both the caption and the first slide of the post. With sculpted cups and vertical seaming, the declaration piece had a corset-like bodice. The hem was asymmetrical, dipping low in the front and extending higher on each side, revealing a sliver of skin.

The top had two shoulder straps and sleeves that began halfway down her upper arm and went beyond her wrists, with the cuffs covering some of her hands.

The sleeves were voluminous, and the overall look was very fashionable.

Cindy kept things straightforward with her bottoms, opting for plain denim Daisy Dukes, given the boldness of her top. The fabric clung to her shapely hips and showcased her amazing legs to perfection, but the way they looked on her curves was anything but simple.

The hem fell just an inch or so below her thighs, and frayed detailing added to the laid-back vibe.

Cindy completed the look with a pair of hoop earrings and two layered necklaces, one of which was slightly longer than a choker length and the other of which was a pendant that rested on her chest. She also strewn several rings across her fingers to add a touch of glitz.

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In her bold top, she flaunted plenty of cleavage, and the pale hue contrasted beautifully with her bronzed skin.

Her long locks were styled in soft waves that cascaded down her chest, with a portion pulled back half-up. She looked stunning with several thick chunks of hair left loose to frame her face.

Cindy wore white boots and carried a small white bag, which were visible in some of the photos. Her fans couldn’t get enough of her as she struck a variety of poses, flashing a radiant smile and a seductive stare. Within one hour of going live, the post had over 13,600 likes.

Cindy loves to show off her perfect figure, whether it’s by the pool or on the streets of Miami. She was recently photographed in a turquoise string bikini while walking through Miami, according to The Inquisitr.-Inquisitr

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