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The police are investigating Nee Soon GRC MP Louis Ng for not obtaining a permit until visiting hawkers with a placard in June last year.
On June 20, Mr Ng posted on Facebook about his visit to the Yishun Park Hawker Centre, urging residents to visit the hawkers.Mr Ng is seen holding up a sheet of paper with the words “Help Them” and a smiley face in four photos that accompany the message.
The police said in a statement on Wednesday (March 3) that they are investigating Mr Ng for a potential general assembly without a permit.

“We have already interviewed Mr Ng. Police investigations are ongoing,” they added.In Mr Ng’s Facebook post in June, he wrote that hawkers “worked hard during the past few months to try to make ends meet and to provide yummy food for us”.
“More than ever, our hawker heroes need our support,” he added.
On Wednesday, Mr Ng wrote on his Facebook page that he was at the Yishun Park Hawker Centre in June last year doing his regular walkabout.
“This was an especially important walkabout as we had just emerged from the circuit breaker. I was there to make sure our hawkers were doing okay. As we all know, they suffered badly during the circuit breaker,” he wrote.

“I also wanted to urge our residents to support our hawkers and held a sign indicating this and took photos together with the hawkers.”

He added that he had also been asked by the police to provide a statement on the matter, and has done so.Mr Ng also said that in a separate incident in January this year, he held up a sign for the climate change video introducing the first-ever parliamentary motion on climate change.
“To clarify, that sign was an empty piece of cardboard. The words were superimposed into the video which I posted,” he wrote.Taking part in a public assembly without a police permit is illegal and an offence under the Public Order Act.
Under the Act, a “assembly” means a gathering or meeting with the purpose of demonstrating support for, or opposing the views or actions of any person, group or government. It also involves a speech by a single individual, as well as publicizing a cause or movement, naming or commemorating some incident.
An meeting in a public place or to which members of the public are invited, induced, or allowed to participate is referred to as a public assembly. Organising a general meeting without a permit will result in a fine of up to $5,000.

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