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Salma Hayek is flashing her bra while reminiscing about a time when everyone wishes they could go back in time. The 54-year-old actress took to Instagram shortly before the weekend to celebrate pre-pandemic days, which she noted allowed her to do things like not wear a mask and openly sign autographs. A flawless shot of the Mexican woman showed her doing both, with the tight look highlighting her famous curves.

Salma, who made headlines last year for revealing the extent to which she had been nose-swabbed during COVID, was back to mentioning the virus, despite the fact that she didn’t have to. Salma had been snapped outside a venue and asked for her autograph in the throwback photo, which showed her with shiny hair, pillow-lipped lips, and an open mouth.

The actress was seen reaching for a pen, mouth open and sideways stare, while wearing a tighter-than-skin and short-sleeved black top that revealed some white lingerie beneath.

“Throwback to a time when you could sign autographs with your mouth open and no mask,” Hayek wrote in her caption, looking much younger but no less beautiful than she does now.

Salma Hayek’s 17.6 million Instagram followers have increased by 600,000 since a 2020 celebration of the 17 million mark, giving her more than half a million likes in just two days. “I’m still hoping to get an autograph someday,” one said, while another added, “I miss those days.”

Salma is both defying and accepting her age. When she turned 50, the actress who will sport the odd gray hair addressed the issue, telling British health chain Holmes Place:

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“It’s OK if I am not the most beautiful. You know what I am saying? I am fifty, I am other things too, and now people get to see the other things because they are not distracted by the youth and the beauty. I am comfortable, look I let my white hair grow.”-Inquisitr

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