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With twice as many players, shouldn’t it be simple? So, there you have it.

A recently discovered Destiny 2 bug allows players to cram more people into a team than is officially allowed, and it’s been hilarious. Two fireteams mashed together for a 12-person raid? Yes, of course! In the three-player Presage mission, I’ve even seen 12 people crammed in. Although the glitch is difficult to pull off and is likely to be patched out soon, I had a blast joining a 12-player Deep Stone Crypt over the weekend. It was probably the sloppiest and silliest raid I’ve ever participated in.

One fireteam joins the other at a precise point during the countdown to an activity starting, bypassing a check that should say “Wait, hang on, this isn’t right.” Due to internet latency, timing is difficult to coordinate, but after an hour of wrangling, we Guardians from Rock Paper Scoutrifle finally got a team of 12 into the Deep Stone Crypt. We should be allowed to even the odds if Atraks-1 can duplicate herself.

I was so surprised to see everyone at spawn after doing so many DSC loads that I immediately fell off a ledge:

That tone persisted, to be honest. Just because of the chaos, this was the longest Deep Stone Crypt I’ve done in a long time. DSC usually runs smoothly, with everyone knowing their responsibilities and keeping track of the puzzles’ rhythm. It’s difficult not to lose focus with 12 players running around and chatting on Discord. It’s ridiculous. Unpredictable. It was a lot of fun. Even if jostling for position did result in a few teamkills, we could spit out numbers during boss damage phases.

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Mind you, there were a few instances of synchronicity. This well-coordinated mass-planting of raid banners was a pleasant surprise:

If you want to give it a shot, I’d recommend doing so sooner rather than later – it appears to be something Bungie could fix. This is how the instructions are written.

Over the weekend, a Bungie community manager responded:

I hope Bungie considers trying more large-scale Destiny activities if the response to this glitch is positive and it turns out not to have caused too many technical issues. I wouldn’t want to raid like this on a regular basis, but I’ve enjoyed modes like Escalation Protocol and Altar Of Sorrow, which allow up to nine players to team up to blast waves of enemies. (Especially since event modes also produce Altar rain candy.) Guardians may be Sol’s most powerful defenders, but most of the time we just want to look at pretty colors and hang out with our friends.

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