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Is it the same kid with the same name? It seems that this is not the case.
On Monday (Mar 1), a school bus driver arrived to pick up a kindergarten student, unaware that he had gone to the wrong school – Sparkletots, rather than My First Skool, which is only a block away.

His behavior frightened the student’s teacher, who immediately called the mum, according to the child’s father in an interview with Lianhe Wanbao.

Neither of them recognised the bus driver, but the said driver knew their son’s name.

“The man’s phone had a name list, and my son’s name was among them. I wanted to know why he had my child’s name so I asked the teacher to hold him back, but he said he had to go fetch other kids and left just like that,” the 36-year-old recounted.

Worried that someone was out to get their child, the father later filed a police report and posted about his experience on Facebook, where it went viral.
Things only came to light after a woman saw his post and contacted him to explain that their sons shared the same name, and her son was the person the bus driver had meant to fetch – but had gone to the next door kindergarten by accident.

“This was probably just a case of misunderstanding,” she told the father. The school bus company had also reached out to clarify the situation, he confirmed.

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