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In a special event that began on Monday at the Konica Minolta Planetarium Tenku in Tokyo Skytree Town, cherry blossoms have arrived early this year, at least digitally (March 1).

During the ceremony, the planetarium’s dome-shaped projector, which measures nearly 18 metres in diameter, was packed with photographs and computer-generated imagery of “someiyoshino” cherry blossoms.Except for some evening works, the ephemeral imagery can be seen for 10 minutes before any of the planetarium’s daily starry sky screenings begin.

The event was launched last year, but only ran for nine days, as the planetarium closed temporarily in response to the novel coronavirus.“This year, we have taken all possible measures to prevent infection, so people can enjoy the show for a longer period,” said Naomi Ota, 34, from the management company.

The virtual “ohanami” cherry blossom viewing program is scheduled to run until Sunday (April 11).

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