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Since harassing an alligator on a resort property for the ideal shot, a golfer in the United States has found himself in hot water.

The Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort shared a photo of the man holding the reptile’s tail in his hands while posing for a photo with a friend.

The South Carolina Resort reported that it was actively looking for the two men in the picture, citing local laws banning abuse, feeding, or tempting wildlife.

Fripp Island Resort posted, “Fripp Island Resort would like to remind all of our residents, tourists, and visitors that Fripp is a wildlife sanctuary.”

“Wildlife harassment, enticement, or feeding is both illegal and dangerous.
This incident is being shared in the hopes that the perpetrators will be identified, not to promote such conduct.”

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources launched an investigation into the photo, and the man in the photo voluntarily called the department to identify himself shortly after.

The man was given a summons and is expected to face charges.

“This is something that everybody should be aware of.
Do not come into contact with an alligator “According to the department’s David Lucas.

Alligators in the United States can reach lengths of more than 4 meters and weigh up to 230 kilograms.

Humans can be killed by alligators, but fatal attacks are exceedingly rare.

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