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Here’s a slightly magical story game idea: your webcam notices when you blink in real life, and the game skips you to the next scene. That’s how it works in Before Your Eyes, a new vignette-style game that was just released today. After playing a bit of it, I’d describe it as “Edith Finch meets 30 Flights Of Living with blinking” if I had to describe it in a blog post, which I did. Take a look at the trailer after the jump.

You’re no longer alive. You’re on the boat to the afterlife without a mouth, reliving memories to tell the Ferryman (a suspiciously dishevelled dogman) your life story. This means that you, dear player, are watching vignettes that span days and years of a life, with a few choices to make along the way. And you’re controlling everything with your eyes, which you use as a left-click to select items or cut ahead to the next scene.

While the game implies that blinking will advance time, this is only true at certain points. Scenes will play out a long time before you reach a point where blinking will move you forward, based on what I’ve seen. To interact, you may be free to blink or may be required to blink over specific things (selected by mouse). Because of that implication, I expected a lot of quick cuts, but it usually takes its time. That’s fine with me. Unless the game was only a few minutes long, I’m not sure how long I could go trying to take everything in without blinking. I mean, I’d like to see another game try it out as well.

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It’s worth noting that a webcam isn’t required. By clicking, you can play. However, it is not the same. The blinking has a magical quality to it.

On my current playthrough, I’m still in childhood, with many years ahead of me, but I’m excited to see where it goes. I was surprised by how natural and funny the writing is, and the Ferryman framing story has some intriguing sinister vibes. Yes, I’m interested.

Before Your Eyes is available now for £8/€9/$10 on Steam and the Epic Games Store. GoodbyeWorld Games created it, and Skybound Games published it.

Close Your, a game I first saw in 2014, has evolved into this. Following that, it launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for development, which included a completely new look. The original was very 30 Flights Of Loving, whereas the new style reminds me a little of those other vignette ’em up titans: Turnfollow, creators of Little Party and Wide Ocean Big Jacket. Before Your Eyes is a visually appealing game.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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