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The 1.3 patch for Crusader Kings 3 broke mods that required players in the medieval strategy game to have same-sex concubine relationships. However, Paradox Interactive stated that they did not plan to break mod functionality, and that a new patch is in the works to address the issue. For the first time in CK3, they want to make same-sex marriages moddable as well.

CK3 does allow same-sex partnerships without mods, but not concubinage or marriage. Players had been using plugins to get around the former, but patch 1.3 completely disabled the system modders were using. Fans haven’t been able to make any mods for same-sex weddings so far (which they could do in CK2).

Last month, dox told RPS that the concubine mod’s breaking was “in no way enforced to intentionally prevent players from including same-sex relationships in the game.” They’ve now reported that a patch is on the way in a new article on the Paradox forums.

A Paradox group manager says, “We said we’d look into it, and we did.” “So, good news there: same-sex concubines should be moddable in the game in a forthcoming patch prior to 1.4, and same-sex marriage should be moddable by 1.4 if everything goes according to plan.”

They don’t say when these fixes will be out, but if they follow CK3’s previous patch schedule, it may be a couple of months before all is fixed.

Meanwhile, modder “Waffle Ironer” has devised a solution, but it necessitates tinkering with the CK3.exe. This is due to the fact that the rules governing which characters may marry who are stored in the game’s binary rather than the script (which is easily moddable) (which is not). If you want to know all the technical details, Waffle Ironer explains everything in this blog post, though there’s also a pretty easy explainer on how to change your game.

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Source: Rockpapershotgun

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