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SINGAPORE – DJ Tenashar, who was convicted of 9 charges, including several of the drug related charges, was sentenced to 18 months in prison on Monday.There were ten other accusations during the conviction, including for robbery and harassment.

Dj Tenashar Sentenced
Image Source: The Straits Times

It wasn’t her first law brush. In 2019, the ex girl who is called Debbie Valerie Tenashar Long was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment, including drug use, for the former FHM Singapore and Playboy Thailand.Now, in 35 days, Long was released early in that year from prison and was ordered to remain out of trouble from 29 May to 25 November 2019.

However, she has repeatedly re-offended and has not reported for a drug use urine test repeatedly.

For breaching the order, she needs to spend 72 extra days behind bars.After a trial of five days, District Judge Eddy Tham found Long guilty of nine charges, of which six counts were found not to be reported at Jurong Police Headquarters in July and September 2019 for urinary drug testing.

The court heard that, without the approval of a supervisor, on 4 July that year, she illegally left Singapore.

During the trial last month Senior Staff Officer Lim Wan Xin of the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) told the court that three days later Long had returned at Woodlands Checkpoint.The DPPs stated its accusations are “part of a series of actions demonstrating (their) willing and reticent intent to defy and resist the drug supervision system of Singapore.”

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Long, who was not present at the court, stated in her defense that she was allowed to go to Malaysia from Singapore on 4 July 2019.Describing her version of events as being “wholly untenable”, the DPPs said: “The CNB officers who have taken the stand have given clear and consistent evidence to refute this.”

Separately, on two occasions on July 16, 2019, Long recorded a video at CNB’s office at the Jurong Police Divisional Headquarters – a protected place.

She did so for the first time at 6.36pm in a corridor of the second-floor office. She committed the same offence two minutes later.

Source: The Straits Times

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