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Hack and slash your way through them. The Slormancer is a new Diablo-style action RPG that recently entered early access. There’s plenty of loot, dungeons to explore, and stats to study as you figure out how to best defeat the evil warlock from the past. It’s now available in early access, so you can get in on the fun while the developers polish their own version for a couple of years.

You’ll spend time in Slormancer unlocking buckets of skills, abilities, weapons, and other goodies as you claw your way to the big bad, just like you do in action RPGs.

Players will be able to choose one of three classes: Knight, Huntress, or Mage, and play through the first of five planned acts, according to Slormite Studios. For the time being, you’ll be able to reach level 40, with a level cap of 100 planned in the future. In addition, you can obtain 30 “Slorm Reapers,” which are unique weapons for each character class.

“The Slormancer is all about collection and progression so you can switch at any point between any skills you’ve previously unlocked, Slorm Reapers and items you’ve previously found, even between the three classes of the game,” say the developers. “This unique flexibility allows you to swap between different combinations and play styles in the blink of an eye, whenever you feel like it.”

Slormite Studios warns that the early access trailer above contains some elements that will be added in later updates during early access. Only two of the seven planned areas, as well as two tiers of the Ancestral skill tree, are available at launch.

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They’ve already laid out a fairly comprehensive roadmap, which includes plans for new bosses, story acts, higher level caps, and more. Slormite expects to spend a couple of years in early access as they work on all of those updates as a small team.

The Slormancer is available on Steam, where it is currently discounted by 15% to £9.68/€12.74/$12.74 until April 13th.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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