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Facebook has taken new legal action in conjunction with Gucci to combat the sale of counterfeit goods on its platforms, marking a significant step forward in the company’s evolving eCommerce business.

As explained by Facebook:

“Facebook, Inc. and Gucci America, Inc. sued an individual in the United States District Court, Northern District of California for breach of Facebook and Instagram’s Terms and infringement of Gucci’s intellectual property rights. Specifically, the defendant used multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts to evade Facebook’s enforcement efforts and continue to promote the sale of counterfeit Gucci products.” 

Facebook states that IP infringement, including the sale or promotion of counterfeit products, is strictly prohibited on both Facebook and Instagram.

“Consistent with these terms, Facebook and Instagram have implemented robust IP protection measures including a global notice-and-takedown program, a robust repeat infringement policy and additional measures.” 

This is the first time Facebook has partnered on a lawsuit, and it’s the latest in a series of legal actions the company has taken to combat in-app abuse and crime.

The lawsuit also reflects Facebook’s growing focus on eCommerce and ensuring that clear guidelines for conducting business on its platforms are established. In a similar vein, Facebook recently updated its Commerce & Ads IP Tool, which allows businesses to upload an image of their product/s to be matched against Facebook and Instagram content to detect counterfeit listings.

Facebook Fake Goods
Image Source: Social Media Today

This gives brands more options for protecting their IP on Facebook, and this new joint legal action should help Facebook set a clear legal precedent for punishing similar platform misuse.

Given Facebook’s larger push to encourage more on-platform shopping, this is a significant step that should give businesses and buyers more confidence in the legitimacy of the products being sold on the platform.

This will be especially useful on Instagram, where the focus will largely be on fashion, but in any case, this legal action will assist Facebook in establishing clearer legal parameters over what is acceptable on the platform and how it will enforce them moving forward.

Source: Social Media Today

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