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Call of Duty: Warzone’s meta might be changing as a result of nerfs to the FFAR 1 and AUG, and FaZe Swagg’s deadly Bullfrog loadout just may be the best SMG to try out in your next class.

The Bullfrog, like the PP 19 Bizon in Modern Warfare 2, is a fan-favorite land loot weapon as a steady submachine gun with a large magazine. It’s no wonder that top streamers and casuals alike have been waiting for an excuse to make the Bullfrog a valid Warzone loadout for months.

Now that the FFAR’s ADS (aim-down-sight time) has been nerfed in a recent update, the time has come to run the Bullfrog. People still think the AUG and FFAR are deadly, despite the initial nerfs — but there’s more space for creativity, which means a chance to zip down enemies with the Bully.

Although the NUKESQUAD, who are now all FaZe Clan members, have been playing with various Bullfrog groups, Swagg’s is an excellent starting loadout. He calls it “overpowered,” and it’s easy to see why after watching a video in which he drops 34 kills while using the SMG.

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