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Epic Games has brought back the Reboot a Friend program, which is intended to get people back into Fortnite by rewarding them for inviting old friends back after hosting a beta for the function in January 2021. It’s not the same as before, though.

Though Fortnite is still a big game, it’s fair to say that its popularity has dwindled since its peak. To address this problem, Epic Games has unveiled a framework that aims to reintroduce old players who may have abandoned the battle royale mode.

This feature, known as the ‘Reboot a Friend’ program, allows current players to invite old teammates to return and reward them for doing so. Here’s how you can reintroduce yourself to old friends, who qualifies, and what you can expect in return.

Fortunately, the Reboot a Friend system is straightforward and functions similarly to how it did previously: players will invite friends who have been inactive for 30 days to rejoin. As a result, the individual will be rewarded.

What’s different this time is that you don’t have to invite friends who haven’t been around in 30 days. If you don’t have someone who fits those requirements, you can now easily invite new players.

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